Memories: Fact or Fiction

Love. Anger. Laughter. Tears. Things that make up the movie that plays over and over in our heads as we think of the days of old. From past loved ones, present lovers, and future goals, everything we do shapes the path we walk. We are told past mistakes make up stronger, make us wiser, and make us better people. We are also judged by the past mistakes, choices, and love. We view things differently, at different times, with varying degrees. What is it that drive us to do the things we do? Ambition? Pride? Love? All valid excuses. I would like to take a different approach. I would like to believe we do the things we do not for power, money, and fame, but rather for the stories we can tell. I cannot lie and say that there can be supplementary reasons, but think for a second. How do we learn? The same way we create memories. How do we succeed, win, and prosper? By forging memories. Don’t believe me? Ask a person what they think of you. They base their opinions, faith, and hatred on what we have done, the memories we have shared. Memories are concrete, fixed points in time that defines who we are, what we do, and where we are. 

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, now for the real reason of my ramblings; Memories: Fact or Fiction?

As we go through life, we learn. We view our memories differently based on our current circumstances. Fact: We view past lovers, friends, and ideas differently based on the distance of time between the event and our current day.

We create memories that can last forever. Fiction: People, Places, and Wars are forgotten, erased, and changed as time passes.

Memories change based on the point of view. Fact: The “War of Northern Aggression” vs. The “War to end Slavery” 

Memories are who we are. Fiction: You, Me, Everyone. 


The idea behind memories is a tricky thing because of this.

So, I would like to propose an idea: memories are not real. Call me crazy, call me a fool, call me whatever. But to call memories finite and fixed periods of time would be a lie. Do memories not change like the weather? Are new ones not created like an artist creates a new work or art? Are memories not a living thing? Are memories not both truth and lies? Can memories not contain the light of truth and the veil of darkness? Memories are not a story, a piece of history, something that is finite and fixed. Rather memories are constantly changing. Memories are truth, but memories are also lies. Memories teach us lessons, but memories also lie. Memories remind us of good times and tempt us with deception. Memories can bring laughter and tears of joy and they can bring us anger and tears of grief. Memories are not dead, memories are alive. Memories are factual. But then again, we can discard memories, change them, and discredit them. Memories are fictional. Memories are everything and then they are nothing. 

Fact and Fiction. Truth and Lies. Light and Dark. Happy and Sad. Love and Hate. Who/what/where/when are your memories?



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