The flag that flies is (should be) the same for you and me

I can go ahead and tell you that this post will probably piss someone off or rub someone wrong, if so go read my other posts and find out I don’t care. This post is all about flags.

So people want to ban the Confederate flag because it is linked to racism, old ways, etc. Ok. We always want to progress as a society, not regress. But there is something that should be added to the arguments and it goes a little like this:

We want to remove a flag because it it linked to racism and the old South and anyone who flies it is racist. We want to ban it from Walmart, Apple stores, and state capitols. However, when someone burns an American flag, steps on it, desecrates it, we are told it is their freedom of speech and right as a citizen.

I call shenanigans

How on earth is that even fair? I am not preaching for the sake of heritage nor am I blasting progressives, I just want to show how unequal things are ALL over this current hot topic. I can understand removing it from government places, as all governments here in the US are of the 50 stars and 13 bars. However, this recent endeavor to ban it (the confederate flag) is making it very hypocritical as we step on rights of some and bend over backwards for others. I’ve always heard and been told if you don’t like the flag you live under then move. So if we are going to do something about flags, let’s be fair on all fronts.

Now on the subject of symbols, monuments, and other things in the news

We can change everything we want: military base names, street names, building names, take down monuments, remove all signs of our ugly past but two truths remain constant:

  1. our past will ALWAYS haunt us and will readily come up. Just look at Ole Miss and the great bounds we have accomplished yet we always have something, small or large, come up and bite us on the ass.
  2. you can remove anything you want, but until you change the people, nay the attitude, perspective, and equality, all the change in the world is a waste.

Now, I am lover of history. I am one for social and equal justice before the law. I call a terrorist a terrorist and my rights your rights. There are somethings that should change, and somethings that shouldn’t/won’t/can’t/etc. Distancing ourselves from our mistakes is important, but it also important to never forget where we have come from. Maybe we should change how children are educated. Maybe we should re-dedicate statues and once and for all decide the meaning of monuments. Maybe we should just all move to Canada and cause them problems. I don’t know nor will I ever know, but I know that during my lifetime, I will never see a perfect United States of America.


I can’t even: facing today’s issues

If you cannot make a half-hearted list of at least 10 problems facing your community, state, or country, then that is a pretty large rock you are living under. It seems everywhere we turn, there is someone, somewhere with something they did that caused something.

Now, hear me out, I’m all about change. Progressing for a better tomorrow is great, while there are some basic truths that should always remain constant. However, it seems there is always someone offended by something. I’m told to keep quite, just listen, and educate myself on other people’s experiences. OK, I can deal. The thing I cannot even begin to explain how frustrated I am is when I want to help but I’m looked at and told “you just don’t wouldn’t understand” or “you’re XYZ so you don’t get it”. Then help me get it! Don’t limit my experiences. Don’t lower your voice. Learn, Educate, Repeat.¬†

Something I recently come to realize is that there is always someone who will be offended by something you say or have harsh words towards something you do. That is just the cold hard fact. There is no such thing as Utopia and the moment we realize that it isn’t possible to live peacefully with all the sooner we will realize what our own problems are so that we can attempt to be at peace.

I say all of this because I can’t even. I can’t deal with how people react to social posts. I can’t deal with how people get offended at the first sign of difference in opinion. I can’t deal with how hostile people get with people of different views. We need to get a grip on how we interact with humans because if we can’t, then I can’t even deal.

Oh Dixie can’t you see?

On a hot and very humid day around mother’s day in 1992, I was blessed to be born into a hard working, Southern family. My ancestors, for the most part, have worked the soil in the great Mississippi for many generations. The rest, immigrated from humble beginnings with religions quite foreign to this land. All of my forefathers have fought in all the major wars, both foreign and domestic. I am proud of my heritage, my family’s legacy, and the country and state I call home. I have been blessed with a loving family, friends of all shapes and sizes, and a place like no other that ever calls me home. I love the sound of a hot rain as it falls on a tin roof, the smell of freshly blossomed magnolias, and the sensation of mud between my toes as I walk the banks of Old Man River. All of these things I hold near and dear to my heart and would fight till my last breath to defend the things I hold dear safe. However, there comes a point and time in one’s life to move on. No longer do I walk the halls of my tiny high school. My time as a student at The University of Mississippi has come to an end. Mississippi, with all of her majesty and glory, has taught me all she could, for now. Now I must move on to better and greater things. Now I must show the world what Mississippi has to offer. Now I must make old Alma Mater proud for making me her son. Now I must go and learn and grow so that I may one day return a changed citizen so that I may help those that live in the great state of Mississippi. There are memories and cherished times I will not forget. There are things, I’m sure, that will forever be in my heart. However, it is time. It is time to put away childish things and put on the new man. It is time to put on the whole armor of God and fight the good fight. It is time to be thankful for where I have been and look towards a brighter tomorrow. I love my great state, our great land, and my momma, but I cannot stand idle in these days. There needs to be an intervention, there needs to be hope, there needs to be a change. I am now, and forever a proud Mississippian, Southerner and American, but this great land we call home is in a dark and depressed time. Churches are no longer sacred. Citizens who are equal are not and fear for their lives. Lives are not cherished and hatred is bountiful. No one experience is the same, no voice the same sound, no hurt the same hurt. We are in a dark and depressed time and it is time for a change. It will be slow, it will be hard. Somethings will change, some will not. I fear for the future, I fear for my home, I fear for all who call this great land home. No longer will I hear the band play Dixie, as Dixie has lost its steam. I will always love the land I call home, I will always love the South, my beloved Dixie, but no longer can I stand idle, no longer can I turn away, now I must look forward, and fight for a better tomorrow. Oh Dixie, why don’t you see, you’re hurting you and me. Oh Dixie, don’t you see, you’re not the same as you sue to be. Oh Dixie, don’t you know, your past is starting to show. Oh Dixie, don’t you know, our great land is ready to blow. Oh Dixie, won’t you please, notice all the hurt that I see. Oh Dixie, won’t you please, see the hatred spread like disease. Oh Dixie, you’re hurting me.

You can keep your religion

You can keep your religion. I do not want it. I’m tired of labels, boxes, cold shoulders, and ignorance. This cradle Baptist is tired of lines being drawn, shallow expectations and ignorant glares. Your religion is useless to me and let me tell you why.

Religion has killed faith. No more do we see the missionaries of old. Now we have tv evangelists trying to stuff their pockets and increase their ratings. Religion has now become a race to see what building is bigger, who has the most “members” and who goes the furthest for “mission” trips. Churches have become an antique warehouse rather than a manufacturing plant.

Why is religion wrong? Because it separates us from others. To condemn one another is against the Bible, am I wrong? Then why do we not let our children play with other children because their parents don’t go to the same building every Sunday? Your religion is dead because it has become your god.

Catholicism. Hinduism. Protestantism. Judaism. With all of these options, we know God is for certain, but who is to say only one is right? How is it that Native Americans had a way of worship before Europeans “discovered” them? How is it that ever since the dawn of man, we have always fantasized, dramatized, and fictionalized our Creator? Here we are, thousands of years later, yelling at each other and condemning others to hell.

You can keep your religion. I have faith. I believe in my God. I believe He loves you and me. I believe He made sacrifices to get where we are today. You can keep your religion because I don’t need it. I can talk with the Jew, sing with the Catholic, and be friends with a Muslim. I can appreciate the Quaker, sit with the Mormon, and laugh with the Buddhist. We all have that end goal of eternal life. We all have that feeling, that passion, that fear. Your religion is yours to keep. I want to be free to love others, learn their passions, experience their faiths, and grow closer to my God. Keep your religion, because I don’t want those strings on me.