You can keep your religion

You can keep your religion. I do not want it. I’m tired of labels, boxes, cold shoulders, and ignorance. This cradle Baptist is tired of lines being drawn, shallow expectations and ignorant glares. Your religion is useless to me and let me tell you why.

Religion has killed faith. No more do we see the missionaries of old. Now we have tv evangelists trying to stuff their pockets and increase their ratings. Religion has now become a race to see what building is bigger, who has the most “members” and who goes the furthest for “mission” trips. Churches have become an antique warehouse rather than a manufacturing plant.

Why is religion wrong? Because it separates us from others. To condemn one another is against the Bible, am I wrong? Then why do we not let our children play with other children because their parents don’t go to the same building every Sunday? Your religion is dead because it has become your god.

Catholicism. Hinduism. Protestantism. Judaism. With all of these options, we know God is for certain, but who is to say only one is right? How is it that Native Americans had a way of worship before Europeans “discovered” them? How is it that ever since the dawn of man, we have always fantasized, dramatized, and fictionalized our Creator? Here we are, thousands of years later, yelling at each other and condemning others to hell.

You can keep your religion. I have faith. I believe in my God. I believe He loves you and me. I believe He made sacrifices to get where we are today. You can keep your religion because I don’t need it. I can talk with the Jew, sing with the Catholic, and be friends with a Muslim. I can appreciate the Quaker, sit with the Mormon, and laugh with the Buddhist. We all have that end goal of eternal life. We all have that feeling, that passion, that fear. Your religion is yours to keep. I want to be free to love others, learn their passions, experience their faiths, and grow closer to my God. Keep your religion, because I don’t want those strings on me.


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