The “little too late” man

Regret is never a way to live out your life. Regret can come in many shapes and forms. Regret can come at any time, last any number of years, and quite frankly bring you to heartache.

I’ve had my share of regrets and I’m only 23. Dear God how am I to function in this life if I keep at my current rate?

You know that girl you were best of friends with and you just skipped by her and now it is too late. You know that friend you could have hung out with more and now you’ve moved away. You know that money you could have saved, that work out you could have done, or that job you should have taken, it is all gone now, it is the past.

Seems like we are hard wired to live a life full of regret. But is regret truly bad? Is regret better than failing? If you learn by failing can you not also learn by not doing?  These are the questions I ask myself late at night.

Regret can eat away at you. Taking away a little of yourself each time you think about “what might have been”. Although you might wish you had done this or that, would it not also not have worked out? It seems more and more you can’t have cake, you can’t eat it, but you most defiantly get calories just by looking at it. So I pose the question: What is regret and is it bad?